How do you organize your comics outside of Panels?

Panels is of course the best way to read your comics but what does everyone do to organize them locally? Ubooquity? Something else? We can of course only store so many comics on the iPad and a decent-sized collection can become unwieldy to manage.

I personally use Ubooquity set up in a Synology NAS. But I want to give Komga a try. (We’ll add support for it shortly).

I consider iPads and iPhones more volatile than a NAS or a Mac/PC. That’s why I only keep the comics I plan to read in Panels. I like having the whole series/arc/whatever in Panels until I finish reading it. But I prefer to keep my whole collection elsewhere.

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I used to use ComicRack for that, till it got abandoned.

A the moment I dump my weekly pull list to read folder and rest are sorted in folders language/initial letter/series name.

Agree completely about keeping currently read comics on the iPad. I usually have a few series or collections there at a time. Comic organization seems like a possible area for you guys to explore down the road maybe…? A native app (Mac/PC) with capabilities for building reading lists, sorting, rating, metedata adding would be amazing.

You should try Komga :wink:

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I agree with @Gotson. You should give Komga a try :wink:

We don’t have plans for building a comics server. We don’t want to reinvent the wheel and there are very good solutions out there. I think it’s more effective if people support them so they can keep improving their products, rather than us creating something from scratch.

We are only two indie devs building Panels in our spare time. We have limited resources/time and we have to choose our battles wisely.

For the time being, we’ll keep focusing on buidling a great reader leaving the server part for the server experts :wink:.

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