Hide Shared content in Google Drive

Hello everybody. The new import screen is really faster and cleaner.
But, one change, makes It a pain now. I use Google Drive to store all of my comics, they are all in the root of GD and was so easy to find.
After this update, the Google Drive screen is showing ALL of the files people SHARE with me, as I work with several people that use Google Drive I receive a lot of shared items, and all of them are now mixed with my comics folders.
Is there a way to back to how it was before? I meant show only my files and hide shared with me files?


Hi @msaggion

Thanks for the feedback. We will add the option to exclude shared content in Google Drive.

In the next version of Panels you’ll find a switch in the Google Drive Configuratoin.

Thank you so much! Panels is great


Hey @msaggion

Panels 2.8.6 implements this feature. Go to your Google Drive configuration in Panels and you’ll find a switch to disable the Shared Content.

I hope it solves the problem. :pray:

It’s perfect! Thank you! Panels Team is the best App Team ever! :wink:

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