Hide page borders lock position

An feature that is sorely missed, reinforcing again, was to hide borders or increase and maintain the position from page to page, is that in certain comics the letters are too small, I don’t think it’s so difficult to implement, as you can see in another reader “Yac”.
Example image preview (Script by Zidrou, Art by Jordi Lafebre)

before and after activating that option

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In ‘Booklover’, we can see how to edit in a specific area, it was interesting to see something similar implemented in the ‘Panels’ app, is the feature that is most needed in my view, on smaller devices it would make a better read, because it would significantly increase the text size.

I leave the suggestions, hoping to see it implemented in a next 2.0 version update, also fulfilling the wishes of other users, as I believe I am not the only one to request this feature.

Thanks @echutta

These are great suggestion and we will consider them when improving the reader part of the app. We have been heavily focused on improving the library and soon we will tackle the readers.


I really look forward to seeing this feature announced, so I can only use Panels app for reading comics.

Same question here, please make this feature request happen, is the one that is most needed for those using devices with a smaller screen, which is my case too.
PS. Sorry for my poor english, this is not my main language.

It’s a bit boring having to switch between readers to read some comics and not keep the favorite reader.

I hope to see this particular feature or similar functionality sometime soon. Any estimate of when we could see it implemented?