Having an issue with manga double page spreads in landscape view

I’m reading a manga that I bought from Kondansha called Parasyte. A problem I’m having is sometimes it seems to get out of order where the pages intended to be on the right end up on the left and I don’t know why.

This is a big issue for two reasons:

  1. A lot of times manga uses a double page spread where the same scene is is spread across the left and right page. It’s done for impact and is definitely one of the good things about manga. But when the pages are out of order then you get half of the scene on the left side and have to flip pages to see the other half.

  2. We all know that comic and manga panels are arranged with specific intention, with attention to what is seen after flipping the page and which panels are next to each other. When it’s out of order we lose that.

Often I don’t even realize it’s out of order until I get to a double page spread. By that point I may have already gone through half of the volume and now I’m bummed that I missed out on stuff I described in point 2 above.

We really need a way to fix this for manga. I don’t know the solution but I imagine some way to control whether the first page is double sided in landscape view might help.

Hey @renzokuken

Could you try the latest version? We fixed a bug in the double page reader recently. When you rotate the device from portrait to landscape, that page that you were seeing in portrait should be the first of the new pair.

I think that might solve your issues.

Let us know if that worked.

Yes that works, thanks!

It does seem to get out of sync every other time I open it back up. I wish there was a way to lock it. Since I always have to go find a page that is full spread to get it set properly again.

@dani after continuing with this for awhile, I hope the team will consider a more permanent solution for this. It’s great being able to do at least something whenever it happens, but it happens so often that it would be great to have a setting to fix it in place.

For the mangas (which sometimes has double spread) I read in portrait mode and put the Reading mode to “Adjust to Orientation” and set default reading direction (Settings > Reading) to Right to left. This makes it always work correctly for me. It is in the right order always and I can swipe over the page without having to zoom and stuff.