Hard error and empty opds feed

OPDS with Komga or Mylar connecting but folders show as empty. There is also an error in Panels.

“The operation could not be completed. Panels.UnknownDeviceError”
Error: UnknownDeviceError
Domain: UnknownDevice.Ipad13,16
Code: 404

I am running IOS 15.4.1 IPad Air 5th gen.

It sounds like the same thing I just answered here Empty OPDS feed from Mylar - #2 by dani

the Panels.UnknownDeviceError is unrelated. That is just that we haven’t registered your device model in the app, and it doesn’t know what model is it. We’ll add it in the next release.

Thank you for clarification on the error. On the opds feed, the issue is not only with Mylar but with Komga as well. I tried Mylar to troubleshoot. I apologize for the ambiguity.

I am able to connect but the folders show as empty. There are thousands of comics in my library. Thanks you for your time.

Could you create a testing account for us? We can connect to your server and investigate what is going on. We don’t need access to all your library. A couple of folders would suffice.

We already fixed the other issue with Mylar that was reported. If the issue that is affecting you is different, we might be able to fix it and include it in the next release. With a bit of luck, it’s the same issue :crossed_fingers:

It would seem that there was an error between my keyboard and computer, lol. Share on my nas dropped for some reason. All good now. Thank you for your patience and tolerance. Great product btw.