Greyed-out thumbnails + glitch in generation

I have been bulk adding comics to my library over the last few days - using my iCloud to drop them all onto my iPad and just downloading as I need to read them. I’ve crossed 1000 comics now (all in .pdf format) and I have had two specific files give me trouble.

When generating thumbnails, the system stops on these two files, not allowing progress to be made on any others, and never resolving the files its on. This results in the file being downloaded to my device, but with a solid grey block as the thumbnail. The only way to allow progress to continue on my other books for thumbnail generation is to delete these from my iCloud library completely, which obviously isn’t ideal.

In terms of the files: they are average size (compared to the rest of the library) and have been generated in the exact same way as the other .pdf files in my library, so I am at a loss.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @Tyler_Harris

Could you share those two files with us so we can try to reproduce the issue and fix it as soon as possible? Reach us out at

Hi @dani

I have emailed those files through for you to check out.

Thank you!

Hey @Tyler_Harris sorry for the late reply. It’s been a couple of hectic weeks.

I’m going to look into this soon. Sorry for the wait :pray: