Greatings and some Questions/Suggestions

Hi All,

Just recently made the move to Panels after ComicZeal finally stopped working on my iPad. I did proceed with an install of Komga at the time and it took me a bit to figure out a few things but now I’ve started butting into a few oddities that I wanted to see if they were user error, or perhaps suggestions for improvement? These questions are all based on utilizing Komga as the source (sync’d and streaming and noted where it should matter).

  1. Read Lists. Am I missing something or is there no way when you reach the end of a comic, to continue to the next without backing out into the read list? Also, is there no way to hide read issues?
  2. Favorites. With a large library, it seems like marking series or read lists as favorites is the best navigation tool. However, when you back out of the favorite, it takes you through the whole Komga structure instead of back to “home”. Also, is there a better way than favorites? It seems like that is the only way to view a reading list when not connected. When you try to copy a read list via other methods (import or library imports) the order of the read list is discarded.
  3. Sync’d items. This is an odd one. When a read list is sync’d, if I am outside of my home wifi (I do not have my Komga published on the internet), the sync’d items become inaccessible if connected to wifi. As soon as I disable wifi, the sync’d items work again.

Love the app so far. Those items are all minor in the grand scheme of things, but I would like to know if I’m missing something somewhere.


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I’m glad to see it wasn’t just me. Whatever they did to IOS 15.3 broke Comic Zeal. If I can add one additional wish list request

  1. Automatic creation of collections for issues of the same title.
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I actually noticed it a little before then, so I think it might have just been iOS 15 in general. I did find recently you can kinda get it to still load a title if you invoke split screen mode, then go back so that’s letting me finish a few combined title reading lists I had in there. But connecting to Komga is definitely a winning feature with Panels.