Go to last reading position after closing app with book still open


I have two devices with which I use sync reading position and it absolutely rock solid and fast.

However, when you close the app on device 1 while having a book open, read on a different device and then re-open Panels on device 1 directly into the reader (where you left it) there is no way to going to the last read position. You are on the last page on that device and if you close the book that page is synced as the current page.

In the Kindle app for example for this scenario there is a pop up in the reader that says something like „You are on page 35, but last read page is 54, go there now?“

Could this be added to Panels?

Helo @hugenreber
Great suggestion. This is something we could think about doing in a future update. We’ll take it into account. Thanks!

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