Full screen for iPhone X

Do you have a comparison of the full screen for iPhone X. I can’t seem to tell the difference with it on or off.

Hello @Greg

The difference is only noticeable while reading in landscape mode with “fit to width” (doble tap to enable/disable).

With the option enabled the page will fit the whole screen. With the option disabled it will avoid the notch.

Here is an example:

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I always keep my orientation locked so I didn’t even think to try it in landscape. But that looks good

Edit: Would it be possible to implement a setting that can bypass the orientation lock I don’t mind changing the setting I just think it would be another nice option

Hey @Greg

Sorry we missed your last comment.

I guess that you mean doing something similar to what apps like Youtube do, that rotate the screen when you enable full-screen with your rotation lock enabled.
I think that would be a great idea but the tricky part would be finding a gesture or a UI component to activate that mode.

We’ll give it a thought. Thanks for the suggestion!