[FR] Manage/Reset "Reading Progression" and "Reading now: Title of collection"

The title is already self-explaining.

When I started to read a book from my OPDS (collection) which I had already read locally, I realized that it almost always jumps to the last page. Which just can mean it recognized the old reading-status.

I tried to open the collection and mark all chapters to reset them, but their is no option to mark them to unread again. Only the “Reading Now” screen is able to change the status (for the last chapters you read or finished)

So it would be nice…

  • … if we could reset or manage our “Reading Progression” for each title and chapter.
  • … she the title of the collection under or over the title of the current chapter, too in the “Reading Now” screen.

Thanks for the feedback @Sascha

yep. there are a couple of missing features in the external libraries. we keep working on them to reach feature parity soon.

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