Folders customization

Hi, could be adding a folder icon customization when using opds servers a next feature implemented?
Work on this app is huge!i can see it but i’m not very happy on how app customization is organized, very poor atm and I think many people like me are obsessed for tiny things like that. Mine is just a tip, work is great.

Hey @Bladwyn

Thanks for the feedback.
We are not planning to add support for customizing how an OPDS feed looks like from the app. We already support images in OPDS folders if they are included in the feed. But we think the OPDS server should be the one defining that customization.

We are planning to add support for customizing how local collections look like. But we prefer that the external content is defined by the external provider.

I hope that makes sense.

It makes super sense, i thought folders looking was designed by you guys and not by the provider.
Thanks for the reply

It’s designed by us :sweat_smile: but it’s the fallback image we use when the provider does not return an image.

Whether the folder icon looks nice or it is ugly it’s probably quite debatable. We made one similar to the one Apple uses in

Obviously, the covers look much nicer. And a screen filled with folders doesn’t look good in my opinion. But there is not much we can do if the provider doesn’t give us the image.
If you don’t want to see them often, maybe you can use “Favorites” to create a direct link to the folder content.
Instead of doing something like: Komga > All Libraries > Comics, you can create a Favorite to that path and skip the navigation part that shows folders :man_shrugging: