Fit to Width - Vertical reading

Hi. I am trying to use the “Fit to width” Reading mode in the Ipad.

If I use it in landscape mode, it works fine, but if I try to use it in portrait (vertical) mode:

For double pages it works fine: it resizes the page until we don’t have height black bars - so I need to scroll to the side to read the page

For single pages it don’t scale the page to fill the full width of the tablet screen. There’s always some black borders on the side. I guess the correct behavior should be: resize the page until there’s no black bars on the sides, and use vertical scroll to read the page.

Besides that, amazing app! After several years I am switching from Comic Zeal to another app. :grin:

Hey @Chaves

You’re absolutely right. Thanks for the feedback. We’ll fix this shortly.

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