Finished section lists deleted comics

Hi, I updated yesterday the app to 2.11.2 (after skipping a few updates), I deleted a few of completed comics, but they still appear under the “Finished” section in the Reading now page. Under Settings > Reading now I have enabled the “Hide titles not in this device” option, I also tried to toggle it a couple of times to see if something changed, without success. The comics seem to be really deleted (I can’t open them and if I search for them, I get no results)… before the update I didn’t have this problem.

Thanks! we will look into it. Sounds like a bug.

Hi, I just updated the app and the problem is still present, did you manage to look into it? It basically makes the whole section useless, since the only way to delete them seems to use the “Delete reading session” function for every single issue (it seems there is no way to make a multiple selection from here), which is really not practical

Edit: there’s also the Hide function, but if I use that, I’m not sure what it does, I don’t want the app to have an invisible list of potentially hundreds of records…

Hum, another update: toggling off and then on in Settings > Reading now, had the effect of not displaying the deleted titles. However, they reappear if I toggle it off again (why are reading sessions for deleted titles kept?), and even retoggling it on, the titles I delete after still appear in the section, regardless of the toggle… :sob: