Finished Comics Show 81% Complete

Absolutely love your app and have had no major issues. Only thing I’ve noticed a few days ago is there are two titles I have finished that both show I’m 81% through. I even went back and went to the last page of each with no change. As a new user I’m only able to upload one image so I’ve included it in this post.

Super minor but just wanted to let you guys know.


I’ve seen this happen with my library and I think I know what’s causing it. There’s a strange glitch I get where I finish a comic in a series and instead of tapping “Continue Reading” and advance on to the next issue, I tap on “Return to Library.” For some reason, this registers a different stopping point in the title than where I was really. If I tap “Continue Reading” then immediately when the next issue opens, I tap “Return to Library” then there’s no issue.

Try both these things and see if you get the same results. If we’re both seeing the same little glitch then they’ll know where to focus.

Hey thanks for the reply, man. So tapping “Return to Library” wouldn’t show the title as 100% completed but tapping “Continue Reading” now shows it as finished. “Continue Reading” isn’t available for non-premium members so maybe it’ll be helpful for the team to know this glitch for those users who are trying out the app before committing to the purchase. Still love the app regardless.

Thanks again for the reply.


Hi everyone

Thanks for all the information. We’ll look into this to fix it in the next release.