Files access circumvents passcode

In an update some time ago, Panels made the library accessible through the Files app. Unfortunately, this seems to completely break the protection of locked content within the app. While Panels is still password protected, anyone can now access the content through the Files app, thus exposing age-inappropriate content to household members.

Can you add an option to disable the access through the Files app, or add password protection in Files? I’ve seen apps provide password protection in Files by implementing a full Content Provider. The Documents app from Readdle is one example that won’t show content in Files unless I authenticate. So it seems this is technically possible, at least.

Thanks for the feedback @goerz

We will look at the documentation to see how we can enable password protection.
Nonetheless, folders and files locked in Panels, are tagged as hidden in the file system and disappear from Files. Files doesn’t offer a way to show hidden files, so they shouldn’t appear. Keep in mind that Files sometimes takes some time to reflect the changes.

There’s no way to enable/disable access through the dynamically.
Enabling password protection in the Panels folders sounds like a great solution. I can’t give a timeframe for that, but I just added it to our roadmap.

You are absolutely correct! There were files in my library that somehow lost their “lock” status and thus were showing up in Files.

It might still be a nice feature of have a password-locked Content Provider in Files, but it’s not critical, as there are in fact no password-protected files being exposed in the Files app as I had thought.

Consider this “bug report” retracted!

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Hahaha nice! Thanks for confirming it’s working as expected.

I totally agree that the password lock would be much better. Also more future-proof as Apple could add support for showing hidden files in