Few panel view suggestions

Hello! Firstly I want to thank you for the app.

Well, I really would be glad to see ability to swipe in panel view or tap at bottom (I think tap at bottom is the best) to go to next panel. It’s not convinient at all as right-handed to always tap left side of the screen while reading manga panel.

So, panel view has some issues, but works really well in overall… You’ve done a great job! However one issue is really frustrating. I included manga page layout. I don’t know how hard it is to fix it but at least now you know about it. Panels detection works good, but not the order in these type of pages.

And another thing. I think that report function will be a definitive way to improve panel view. Is it planned?

Thank you so much for your feedback @finnik!

You have a really good point about the navigation in Panels View. We’ll give it a thought, but your suggestions sound really good. None of them are mutually exclusive so we might end up adding some additional gestures to navigate keeping the left and right tap areas.

Regarding the panels sorting, thanks for the heads up. It would be amazing if we could have a real example of the page that is not working so we can create a test for it and tweak the detection and sorting algorithm. Please, feel free to send it us to panels@produktstudio.com

Yes! we have plans to add a “report” feature to simplify sending us feedback :slight_smile: