Feedback: Suggested tweak for colour blindness


I’m loving the app.

As someone who is colour blind I find the soft red progress bar below the comic when in grid view quite hard to see. It would be great if this could be made larger or stronger in colour, or possibly even replaced with a percentage number (something like what the ComiXology app does)

Many thanks.

I’d love a tweak on this as well, I struggle to see the read indicator. A good option I’ve seen in the past is dimming the cover.

Thanks for the feedback, folks! We plan to port the design that we use for the Reading now. It would be a hybrid of that one and the download state in external libraries (without dimming the whole cover)

The dark gradient should provide better contrast between the progress bar and the cover.

What do you think? Would that make it more accessible?

Also, we want to make Panels as accessible as we can. If you have any other accessibility feedback, please let us know.