Feature suggestions: change cover image and download on demand

I’ve been enjoying Panels Premium for about a month now and it’s great!
I have two suggestions for future updates:

  1. To be able to change the cover image for each collection or chapter;
  2. A way to visualize what I have in my folder structure (I use panels with OneDrive, but for the other services as well) without having to download, and to be able to download the chapter I’m reading from OneDrive, for example, and remove when I finish reading.

Thanks for the great app!

Hi @JohanKRS

Thanks for the suggestions and your support :raised_hands: :raised_hands: .

  1. This has been requested many times and it’s very likely that we implement something like that in the future. Stay tuned :wink:

  2. This one it’s a bit trickier due to how the sandboxing works in iOS. But we have lots of ideas in mind to improve that workflow.

Ok, thanks for the reply! :relaxed: