Feature suggestion- blue light filter

In reading black and white comics sometimes it would be nice to be able to change the background colour to reduce eye strain. Would it be possible to implement a orange/yellow filter like f.lux to allow for this?
Thanks. Generally love the app.

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Hi @Charlop

Out of curiosity, wouldn’t the “Night Shift” feature in iOS solve the problem?

It would, but I’d have to turn it on and off when switching apps or if I wanted to read something in colour - I think it’d be a nice feature to assign per-comic or per-collection

I do this all the time using Night Shift and control center.

I have night shift schedule to activate in the evening anyway, but I literally bring down control center, hold down on brightness and turn Night Shift on and off.

This literally takes three seconds if even that.

Ah! I havent been using ios long so i didnt realise that was possible. Thanks for the tip!

Amazing :raised_hands:

Yesterday I spent some time looking for ways of enabling Night Shift from the app, but there is no public APIs to do it :sweat:

We want to do a release focused on readers in the second half of the year. We’ll reconsider this feature then.

Thanks for the feedback.