Feature: Smooth vertical scrolling instead of clunky snapping between pages

For vertical scrolling, there is no sense of infinite smooth scrolling. It snaps to the next page instead of sliding between showing both pages. When you scroll back up, it again snaps (but to the top of the previous page). Is this an intended function?

For an example, open microsoft word and scroll vertically as you read. How jarring would it be to do page jumps and lose your place/context? For a viewer like this where the image is split between pages, you do not get a clean view.

My impression of vertical scrolling from other applications is a nice transition. Can “snapping” between pages be an option that is on by default (so it does not mess with existing users), but the ability to truly infinite/smoothly scroll can be achieved by turning snapping off?


Can you share a screen recording of the issue? Also, a screenshot of the reader configuration panel? The vertical scroll reading mode does not snap to pages, it scrolls continuously. Is it possible that you are using the “Paginated” mode instead of “Continuous” ?

This was my mistake. Apologies for the time wasted.

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