[Feature Request] WebDAV and/or Creation of Folders

Hi everyone! Gotta say, Panels app beats any other app out of the water…however i feel it can be a bit better if a few options are added.

  1. WebDAV
    –Being able to connect via winscp or similar applications would help a lot when attempting to import. This would also allow us to create new Folders (Collections) from within said app.
  2. Folder Creation
    –At least allow for folder creation when using the built-in embedded web server feature. This would allow creation of a folder (Collection), and direct uploading to said (Folder).

I did try to search for WebDAV on the site, to make sure I wasn’t double posting, but wasn’t able to find anything.

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Just read this part…I was wondering, is a “Collection” different form a “Folder”? I feel the collection is being treated as a folder, inside the library. You have the library, where you’re given the option to store your comics or to put into a “collection”; isn’t that essentially a “folder”? Im just trying to wrap my head around this. Thanks in advance! :blush: Maybe what im trying to suggest is being able to create a Collection straight from the embedded web server, that way we dont have to use the app to, 1. Drag/drop into embedded web server 2. create a collection, 3. Import comics into said collection.

This way it would just be (straight from embedded webserver), 1. Create Collection 2. Drag/Import into said Collection.

Hope that makes sense.

Edit: Adding more to my comments for additional support (I think)