[Feature Request] Sync Collections *Between Devices*

So I spend a lot of time using the webserver to upload comics to separate devices… why am I doing this?

Why can’t I:

  • Have 2 devices, with the same named collection

  • Upload to one device with a collection “Manga”

  • On another device, make the same named collection “Manga”, hold down on that “folder” and it finds the same collection on the other device(s)…

  • I choose this folder, and the device(s)s make sure that what’s on one device is also on the other(s) over WiFi?

It’s great when I’m “home” with a Mac or PC file server, but what about when I’m “out” and only have the devices and not the home PC/server? AirDrop is really flakey and doesn’t work very well (for any Apps, not just Panels). And of course there’s no “batch AirDrop” (though there should be).

On WAY_OLD_OTHER_COMIC_READER it also has a web server feature and I can connect one iPad to another and transfer data without having to use a PC/Mac as an “intermediary”. It’s thru that reader’s ODPS feature.

There’s no “smart sync” in that other App, but at least I can access one app from the other and have “list parity” between 2 devices…