[Feature Request] Sort by date added/updated

I was wondering if there is a way to sort comics by date added/updated as I organize my comics by title, but as I sort new comics weekly. this way I could know at a glance what the new comics were in my library at a glance.

Tap on the (…) menu button in the upper-right corner. You should be able to sort them by Creation Date (Newest → Oldest). If you tap again on the same sorting mode, it will invert the order (Oldest → Newest).

I hope that works.

It does work! Thanks

I was looking for it in the streaming section, but it seems it’s only available in the local copy library. Any chance we could get this in the streaming section too?

Ah! gotcha! Unfortunately not at the moment. OPDS does not support that. We plan to implement it locally, once all the pages are loaded. But we need to make some changes to the app to support it.

It’s on our roadmap.