[Feature Request] "Smart Folders" (based on MetaData)

Please file this feature under “¿Porque no los Dos?” --Much the same as my “Magic Search based on MetaData Feature” this one might be easier to implement? Or at the same time?

Have it so the user can make “Smart Folders” that are based on search query. Examples:

  • “Comics loaded less than 2 weeks ago”
  • “Comics greater than 2 weeks old”
  • “Comics greater than 50 pages” (based on file count in archive, dunno about PDF
  • “File is cbr/cbz” or “File is PDF”

I’m stealing from my other favorite platform which I used to read comics on using image editors, but also organized using Spotlight, and I did use “Smart Folders” quite a bit with very simple metadata like date and file size. I’m inferring that you can get “page count” as it’s displayed in the UI in the file list and elsewhere.

Just my 2 yen. Keep the change… --Leo