[Feature request] Show reading progress of collections/folders

My Panels directory has a folder (collection) for each comic series, and within that folder multiple folders for each story arc/era/etc. (basically lots of nested folders)

Currently, to tell if I’ve already read from one of these folders I have to open each one to see the reading progress of individual comics inside, so it would be nice to see the progress at a glance for collections as well.

Thanks for all the work you do, I really do love this app!

Thanks for the feedback!

This feature has been requested many times and I agree it would be really nice.
We haven’t implemented it yet due to some technical constraints. Currently, we don’t have a data architecture that would allow us to compute that without compromising performance. A folder can contain an indeterminate number of comics, and an indeterminate number of folders. Depending on your library organization, it would be quite expensive to calculate.
We need to pre-calculate the progress per folder. But also react to content changes and recompute the whole tree whenever you add new files or reorganize your library.

It’s totally possible, but it requires quite a lot of changes for a feature that only a reduced group of people need. We are only two devs working in our spare time. We need to prioritize what is more impactful for the majority. I hope that makes sense.

It’s still in our backlog, and I would like to implement it in the mid-term. But I can’t give you a time frame.
But it’s tracked :wink: we will get there eventually. Thanks for bearing with us.

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Almost as soon as I posted this and went back to reading comics, I immediately realized how insane the amount of calculations would be as I was scrolling through my library.

A (pretty selfish, as it only applies to my use case :wink:) suggestion/workaround for this would be to perhaps only count the number of comics marked as read (finished) towards the progress of the folder so it isn’t so variable? (it’s either read or it isn’t) But of course I realize this can get expensive when you get to sub-folders and so on.

Really appreciate all the work you’ve been doing for this app & I eagerly await any and all progress :slight_smile:

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