Feature Request: Show read status when browsing Komga

On the Komga web server you can see if a comic or series is read based on the orange indicator in the right hand corner. When browsing Komga through panels there’s no indicator as to whether a comic or series is read. Could this indicator be implemented with the ODPS API?

I know there’s a while other thread here (Komga reading progress sync) about syncing the reading progress between Panels and Komga but this is specifically around pulling the Komga read status

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It cannot, unfortunately. The reading progress is not part of the OPDS specs; that information does not come in the feed. The reading progress will appear on each comic in the latest version of Panels (soon to be released). And, after the changes we proposed to OPDS-PSE 1.2 get approved and implemented by the different servers (this might take time), the reading progress will be always in sync with the server.

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Is it possible to simply show read or unread?

If you mean read/unread regarding a single comic, yes. That’s already supported.

If you mean series/collections, nope. What I mentioned earlier still applies.

OPDS doesn’t support indicating the reading progress of entries. The OPDS-PSE extension adds support for including the reading progress of individual items but not series/collections (however each server calls it)

What view shows read and unread? When I browse my Komga library I only see a little antenna icon on the comic regardless of whether I just read it or it’s new

If you’re on List View, rather than Grid View, it will show completion status (Note: You need to upgrade to the latest Komga for this to work – OPDS-PSE 1.2 support is very new and was only added in the past week).

If you want to keep Grid View, the latest TestFlight also allows for a separate badge (a white checkmark) to be placed in the top-right corner for completed books. I assume this will roll out to the general release in short order.

As an example, here’s how it currently looks in List View, and how it will soon look in Grid View:

List View:

Grid View:

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Thanks, @awh. I can’t add more that hasn’t been said.

@jazucco let us know if you have any issues setting it up. (the “read” badge setting is opt-in).

I assume this will roll out to the general release in short order.

Correct! 2.14.3 is in Apple’s review queue. Hopefully, they will review and approve it today so we can release it.

Excellent work, the new update and this feature in particular is awesome

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