[Feature request] Set reading direction for all files in a folder

Hello, I would love to be able to set the reading direction directly from to folder and apply it to all the files in it.
At the moment I have to do it file by file. Or at least I can’t find another way.

It would be cool if we could also set up reading directions automatically for nested folders.
In this way, I could have a folder “Manga” where all the files imported there get automatically set as right-to-left reading direction, including sub-folders for each series.

Hello @Blaiter
Thanks for your suggestion. We thought about it in the past and since files in Panels can be modified form the file system (not just from within Panels app) is not an easy thing to do. We have some ideas on how to make it easier in the future to automatically mark comics as manga.

For now, if you have a few comics in a collection, open the first one and switch reading direction, when you navigate to the next one, manga mode and other reader configurations will be the same.

PS: when I say “navigate to the next one” I mean by continue reading from the last page. Don’t close the reader and open it again or your configuration will not be carried to the next comic.

Also, you can select all comics in a folder in the library and change the reading direction to all of them at once.
Tap on the button at the upper right corner → Select → Select All, and then use the menu at the bottom to Set Reading Direction.