[Feature Request] Retrieve reading direction from Komga


Komga allows us to set reading-direction on a by-series basis. This informations unfortunately isn’t provided with OPDS, as there’s no OPDS API for that, but it is provided by the Komga API.

It would be great if Panels plugged into this API to automatically set reading direction for comics.


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We try to avoid adding specific server API integrations for now. It’s a huge amount of work because every server has its own API. We made an exception for the reading progress sync, but we don’t have plans to do it again.

Instead, we are working with Komga, Kavita, Codex creators, and the OPDS community to add features like this one in OPDS 2, which we will support at some point.

You can open an issue in the OPDS Drafts repo. I will support it and try to get everyone on board.
If we do it this way, all the OPDS 2 compatible servers will implement it, and it will be much easer for comic clients like Panels to adopt this feature.


That is indeed a better way to do it!
The issue has been created here : Support reading-direction attributes in OPDS · Issue #71 · opds-community/drafts · GitHub


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Awesome! I just saw the response they gave you. I had no idea. That is great news! :raised_hands:

My plan is to start implementing OPDS 2 in the next few months. It’s still in beta, but some servers like Kavita already support it.

Hopefully, we can all adopt it soon.

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@dani even greater news, it will be integrated in the next Komga release : [Feature Request] Add reading direction to the OPDS feed · Issue #1216 · gotson/komga · GitHub