Feature Request: Refresh OPDS folder after finishing reading a book

When I finish reading a book that’s in my “On Deck” folder, I currently have to navigate to a new folder and back to have the screen refresh with the next book. Ideally, it would auto-refresh anytime I finish a book. The edge case here would be not finishing a book because it may be a weird experience for a user to start reading a book, leave the book, and have the book move to the “Keep Reading” folder where they have to track it down again.

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Great feedback. Thanks!

I think this should be easy to implement. I’ll try to add it in the next TestFlight.


Additionally, I believe adding the usual swipe down to refresh motion into the opds folder practical and intuitive if for example you added a new book to the server.

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Yep, that makes total sense, and we will add it as soon as possible.

We found a problem refreshing the content, so we haven’t implemented it yet. Which is keeping the scroll position.

When you open a comic from “On Deck” or “Keep Reading”, it’s very likely that the comic is at the beginning of the scroll. Or at least in the first few positions. Refreshing the content when you close the reader works fine. But if you open a comic from the remote library, and the comic position is somewhere down the scroll, refreshing the content would take you back to the top and it feels very weird because you lose the navigation context.
We have to keep track of the comic you opened, then refresh the content, and then scroll to its position so it’s still visible.
Additionally, Collections/Series/… can have multiple pages, so the comic you just read might not be in the first page, forcing the app to load all the pages to ensure the comic is still visible.

It’s very likely that we end up adding pull to refresh but not automatic refresh because OPDS is not designed to work like that.

As Raven also pointed out, If you start reading a comic from Komga’s “On Deck”, but you don’t finish it, it will move to “Keep Reading”. Autore-refreshing the content will make the comic automatically disappear from “On Deck” which can be very confusing for many users.

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