Feature Request: Reading mode setting by collection

I currently have in my library several types of materials (American comics, Mangas, Manhwas, French comics), and each of these materials I like to read differently.

  • American Comics - Panels View
  • Manhwas - Vertical Scroller
  • French Comics and Mangas - Default

However, Panels keeps the reading mode saved between all works.


I’m reading a Manhwa (Reading mode: Vertical scroller), and as soon as I open any other collection, Reading Mode remains the last one (Vertical Scroller). If I open another comic and set it to read mode: default, when I return to Manhwa, Panels will use the last configured mode (Default). That is, every time I change the context of my reading, I also have to change the reading mode.

Panels could save Reading Mode per collection. And it could also allow us to configure the Reading Mode in the context menu when we select a collection in the library.
As well as setting the reading direction of an entire collection.

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I second this. The reading mode is absolutely a collection/series level setting, not an app level setting. And in a perfect world Panels would read and respect the LtR and RtL settings stored in the comic archives themselves, if present (like in a ComicInfo.xml file)

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We are working on some improvements for Collections, including adding some configurations.
This will unlock assigning a reading mode to a collection. It’s on our roadmap :wink: