[Feature Request] Quick Access Drop-Down

Small feature request with super low importance. It would be really cool to move around your favorites without having to slide open the menu so often. For example if I’m in Collections > Flash > Flash Vol 4 I’d have to swipe back two times to get to the root, then one more time to get to the sidebar. The sidebar itself is also a bit cluttered with Import Services, On My Phone library, etc.

I was thinking there could be a disclosure triangle next to the title at all times. Obviously it would look 100x nicer than my rough mock-up lol

Clicking that disclosure would drop down a list of your favorites. It could use the existing menu system / UI found in the … button.

Instead of actions though, it would include a list of your favorites. That way no matter where in the hierarchy you are, you can jump around in your library. For example my favorites include my Collections OPDS folder and my Reading List OPDS folder. Being able to access those from wherever would be awesome!

Again, nothing super high priority, just a though I had that I wanted to get out of my head and onto digital paper. Thanks for reading!

Edit - To clarify, selecting a favorite would pop you out of your current navigation stack and put you in the Favorites > Destination one instead. So once you’re there, swiping back will take you back to your list of favorites (or open the sidebar since there isn’t a dedicated favorites screen)

It’s not exactly the same UI as you describe, but if you tap and hold the back button, it will show a drop-down menu with all the previous folders.
Also, tapping on the “Library” button on the tabbar takes you back to the Content screen.

Maybe one, or the combination of, those shortcuts help you navigate your library quicker.

About the cluttered Content screen… it’s on our radar. We have some plans for it.
Also, the favorites feature is quite basic at the moment. We have bigger plans for it too.