Feature Request: Optional Client-Side Sorting

Would it be possible to add a way to sort listings of files on a server with some different modes? Mostly I’m thinking of a SMB/Windows share, but even OPDS would be nice if possible. (Along with ascending/descending toggles)

  • Name
  • File modified
  • Size

On OPDS maybe also:

  • Published date (if available)

Maybe on OPDS “modified date” would “updated date”

I don’t really know how OPDS works with pagination, so maybe it’s not really viable. But that would be would I would want if it is.


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Especially filtering by “unread” and sorting by “release date”

Thanks for the feedback. This one is not easy to solve, to be honest.

OPDS is an XML feed; changing the sorting would require fetching all the pages in advance.

Panels can only show the content in the order the server composes the feed. Some features in the app library can’t be easily translated to a remote server because the app doesn’t have control over the available information.
Ideally, those filters and sort functions should be provided by the server, not done locally.

Unfortunately, OPDS specs don’t define sorting options other than the popular and new that servers can optionally implement.

This should be an excellent request for the server (Komga, Kavita, …) team. They could implement something like “New and unread” feed, the same way they offer “Latest series” “Latest books” etc…

About SMB and other import services, we have plans to implement sorting in import services when available. Google Drive supports sorting, but Dropbox does not. SMB, unfortunately, does not either.

We will implement this feature where available.

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Thanks for the detailed response!

My question was mostly about SMB and other general purpose file servers, and it sounds like you’re planning that feature already, which is great. (Side note: SFTP support would be welcome too :slightly_smiling_face:)

Re: OPDS, again thanks for the details. I suspected it would have to be more of server-side thing to sort, especially if the feed is given in pages.

I’ve mostly been experimenting with using Codex server for OPDS. Has your team played with it? The OPDS aspect is still being ironed out, but the browsing and streaming with Panels works really well already. It has the best metadata search I’ve seen on the self-hosted comic servers, so I’m hoping that Panels will support OPDS search eventually.

Yup, it’s in the roadmap :wink:

We have not. Thanks for pointing it out! I assume it’s this one. I’ll install it and give it proper support in Panels (with its own icon and all that).

Yep. This is also in the roadmap. Hopefully, we can improve the search this year. Thanks for bearing with us :pray:

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