[Feature request] Option to mark as unread

From the reader view or from within the collection, when I long press a comic, I only see the option to ‘mark as read’.

It would be handy to have an option to ‘mark as unread’.

Scenario is; I read a lot of comics based on events in a series. If I’ve been reading one series and midway through a comic I decide to stop and start something else, I’d like to quickly mark that comic and any others in the initial series as unread.

Hey @sachin

“Mark as unread” appears when the comic is read. If you’re halfway through and you want to mark it as unread, mark it as read first and then mark it as unread. You can do this with multiple titles at a time so it should be just a few taps away.

Thanks @dani

I see now that I can do this from the library.

FYI - When I try from Reading Now, the comics disappear as soon as I mark them as read.

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Yeah but, that’s quite complicated to avoid. If you mark it as read/unread, you’re no longer reading it, so it disappears. :man_shrugging: