[Feature Request] OPDS Viewer - Show OPDS Feed's <updated> Value

Guys, your OPDS support is just about perfect. Between this and Komga, I’m quite happy! Thank you so much.

One very small feature request:

It looks like the node is standard for the OPDS feed. Would it be possible to display this value in the OPDS viewer? I was thinking right under the title, in smaller text, in a gray color that wouldn’t distract too much from the title.

I’ve been utilizing komga’s latest books feed and it would really help me to know what’s been delivered this week :slight_smile:

Again, thanks for all the hard work on this! I think I’ve got 2 premium upgrades now :smiley:

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Hi @Clay

I’m not sure I’m following you. Could you elaborate this a bit more? We’re very keen to improve the Komga integration.

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I’d basically just like to be able to tell WHEN a book was added.

The basic node in the OPDS XML has an child. In Komga at least, seems to contain a UTC/ISO-8601 time value.

It would be really great if under the / name of an Issue/Folder, it would show that updated date.


Sounds like something we could implement easily :+1:
I’ll add it to the list

awesome. was hoping it would be easy. Thanks!

any chance of getting this one in?


We are planning to improve the importers soon and will include this feature.

We’re already parsing the information but we are not happy with the solution of adding it under the folder/file name. We want to spend some time designing this properly.