Feature Request: OPDS: Option to display in order presented by server

For the window that pops up from “Import Services” → [My OPDS server name], it would be nice if, once we entered a folder, we had the option of sorting in the order presented by the server, rather than having Panels sort it alphabetically.

My OPDS server (Komga) presents folders like “Latest Series” and “Latest Books”, which actually contain all series and books, but ordered by most recently updated. These folders are meaningless when Panels re-orders the contents alphabetically.

Thanks for the feedback

We will add the option to keep the server order / alphabetical. :+1:


Is there any update on this? Now my OPDS libraries don’t allow import (only stream), and my import services show the latest books in alphabetical order. There’s no way for me to download my most recent books anymore without manually finding them each in the folders, making OPDS useless to me.

Hey @Raven

Sorry for dropping the ball. This should have been fixed long ago but it fell through the cracks.
Today I fixed it and it will be in the next version, which we are aiming to release very soon.

We didn’t add any options to manually change the sorting criteria (we might add this in the future). But OPDS feeds will always be rendered in the server order.

@Raven I’m curious about this, though

Now my OPDS libraries don’t allow import (only stream),

Can you share more information? what OPDS server are you using? Feel free to contact us at support@panels.app and we will investigate this issue.