Feature request: one hand / click anywhere to go forward

Please add a possibility to read a comic using one hand. I mean always go forward when you click somewhere on the screen. Even when you click the left part of the screen. Thanks!


Yes please. As a long time Chunky user I’d love this.

Yup, got to agree with this. Being right handed, I’d hold my device with my left hand to read but it’s hard to swipe with just the left thumb.

An option for click to go forward while swipe still allowing us to go back would be great.

Thanks for the feedback folks :raised_hands:

We are currently working on some improvements for the readers, we’ll try to squeeze this in and add an option to configure the taps behavior.


+1 to this.

I do a good part of my reading in bed and manually swapping direction every time I change position is slightly annoying.

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