[Feature Request] "Magic Search" variables (based on metadata)

Search works, but I think it can be better. Pardon my ego, but I’m talking about what some bloggers might call “Magic Search”…? Scanning the file metadata like files in archive count, date uploaded, “status” (read/unread)

  • Use file date to search for comics “uploaded in the past x weeks” “Older than x days” “Uploaded within the last x days”

  • Scan inside comic archives to derive “page count”. “Comics greater than x pages.” “Comics less than x pages” to blast thru manga chapters or weeklies.

  • “Status Read” (or unread, ability to tag comics from search for deletion or to add to a new collection to “get thru a series quick”

  • and finally, ability to chain these queries like “Comics less than 30 pages that are unread.”

Aside that search is really nice. Much better than when I asked for some features here:

This is just a feature request, and my 2 yen. Keep the change.