Feature Request: List of finished Files

I am not sure if this is even possible, but to explain I need to tell you first how I manage my files on the iPad. My main collection is on my computer where I keep them neat and clean and then, when I want to read some of them I select about 30 or 40 CBRs simply by the look of their cover and bulk upload them to the iPad where they remain until I have read them. Afterwards I simply delete them from my device to save space. However, with this methode I often select Titles I have read in the past and only notice that after I’ve spent some time reading them again.
If there would be a textfile or something under the hood that simply contains the title of the Files that have been finished so a flag could be attached to the file even if it has been deleted from the device and later reuploaded. Maybe even the date when it was last read or a history of the file.

As I said I don’t know if that is a desireable feature for anyone except me, just an Idea.

Do you login with an account on the app ? Forgive me if I’m wrong but that should keep track of comics that are read once you import it should show a progress bar if it was finished or not.


login? What magic is this?

Goto the reading tab then in top right side you can login with Apple or Google to keep tracking of your reading progress across Apple devices.

Just to make sure I understand correctly. I read on the iPad and finish it. Delete it. A few months later I (accidentally) reupload it to the iPad and it remembers that I‘ve already finished? Awesome!

Yep that’s how it should work.