[feature request] independent views between collections and comics

Not sure if this has been discussed before, I did try to search for it.

The suggestion here is to make the Collections view independent to the individual comics view.

At the moment, if I change the collections view to cover view (so I can enjoy the gorgeous artwork), the individual comics within the collection also becomes cover view and we then cannot read the titles.

Vice versa, if I switch the comics view to list, the collections also become a list with small images for cover artwork.

Thanks for the feedback @sachin.

I would be quite concerned about the complexity a feature like that would bring. It would require a new user interface to select the visualization mode per collection.

But I think that we could reduce the problem down to this

and we then cannot read the titles

And that might have an easier solution. We’ll give this a look and see if we can allow the titles to show multiple lines of text without breaking the design. I think that might solve the underlying issue without adding more complexity to the UI.

How does that sound?

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I think the best way to do it is just to make the elements denoting what a collection is more distinct. Having some hastily piled on comics to denote a collection with not much on the text below distinguishing it from an issue on an already visually cluttered grid is the one causing problems.

From personal preference multiple line titles would work for me.

It would be great to have an option to resize the artwork images (small, medium, large) too.

We already have a way to make the covers smaller. You can enable “small grid” in Settings > Library

Damn, completely missed that. Thanks! :+1:

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