[Feature request] Import as preview entry and load on demand

I’d like to have my full comic library be visible/browsable and searchable in Panels but there are just too many documents to fit on the device at the same time.

If Panels would add an option to import only a preview entry (the picture, title, the first 5 pages and a reference to where the full file is) they would all fit and in the app it would look just the same. Preview vs. full import could be an option in the setting or the import dialog.

When opening and going beyond page 5 the app could then ask to load the full file or even load it automatically in the background. If the load would start already on e.g. page 3 that could save time and it might even look seamless.

With that feature I would not even need true streaming where even less is stored on the device as discussed in this feature request.

To further improve the space management on the device the system could auto-delete files that are marked as read when it is running out some configurable space limit or when the comic has not been touched for a long time.

Of course that can only work for documents imported from a configured account but I would assume most users with large collections have them on a connected drive or server like Dropbox or Ubooquity.

It would feel like I can carry around my whole library without filling up my device!

Thanks for considering this and thanks for the great app.

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I realize this is an Old topic but I would love something like this as well! Ebook apps like Marvin do this, and I’d love to see it in Panels!