[Feature Request] Home button

My library is organised more or less like this. First I have folders for publisher and country. Then I have inside these folders other folders with the Character. Then inside this folder, I have folders for each character’s series.
I’m not sure if other users do the same. But this way of organising the series creates many nested folders.
When I’m reading a specific issue and I want to navigate all the way back home, the only way I can do it now is to go back folder by folder until I reach home.
Would it be possible to introduce a home button near the back button on the top left that would redirect me directly to the home?

There are 3 other ways to do that:

  1. The best one for me is to long press on the top left < XXX back button. This will show up a pop up menu with all the previous screens, one of them should be my library.
  2. Not exactly what you want but maybe quicker, you can tap the “library” icon at the bottom tabbar to navigate all the way back to the content screen. Then you need to tap “on my iPhone/iPad” to get to the library.
  3. You can “favorite” certain folders (navigate to folder1/folder2/folder3, tap the 3 dots icon top right, tap favorite). That will create a shortcut for that folder in the Content screen.

A combination of 2 and 3 is what I usually do. Create certain favorites, then to move between them I tap “library” and move to another one.
Let me know what you think.

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Number 1 works.

I don’t see the bottom tab bar on iPad. Should I do something to enable it?

Number 3 is not really helping because I would like to go back home, but I could create a favourite of each main folder so that I can navigate to them faster from wherever folder I am located.