Feature Request: Hide Read

Hey Panels Team!

Would it be possible to get something in the future like a Hide read comics from the library?


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The option is there. Hit the Reading Now section and select the icon at the top right and choose Reading now and turn on hide finished titles

That is to hide currently reading. I’m talking about hiding the read items in the library. Currently the have a little color bar beneath them. An option to hide them would be amazing.

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Hey @nickingrao

Thanks for the feedback.

I’m unsure that the complexity it would add to the library would outweigh the benefits.

Why not deleting them from the library if you don’t want to see them? :thinking:
I guess that you want to keep them on the device and access them later on. But in order to do that you’d have to turn off that feature again so they appear.

Sounds like a very niche use case.

We’ll take it into consideration though.

I agree.

Some other users have requested to delete completed comics, I can see that being more useful than just hiding them (you will end up with tons of wasted storage).

The idea is you can hide them - and get back to them later. I find myself re-reading a certain issue to get caught up, esp if I get a few issues behind. It’s nice to recall what is going on. If I deleted it, I would have to reimport it. I also read on two devices, so I already have to to two imports. That would mean two deletes as well - versus say… syncing the read vs unread tag.

Thanks for your consideration.

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+1 to this.

Slightly faster then clicking 20ish comics each week.

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I created this forum account solely to agree with OP :sweat_smile: It would be immensely useful to turn on an option where only collections that aren’t 100% read show up in the library view. When I open the app, it’d be amazing to only be shown things that I haven’t read yet.

It’s worth pointing out that this isn’t a niche use case at all. Infuse (which is basically an equivalent of Panels but for videos) has automated views for unwatched films or television shows; it’s basically the only view I use because I want to see things that I haven’t seen yet. It’s by far the easiest way to navigate a large library.

We’ll be working on a solution to this in the future.

But trust us when we say it’s a niche use case. We know our users’ average library size and it might surprise you. It’s natural that when you long for a feature it looks like it’s super important and it would be super useful for everyone. But we have many kinds of users with very different behaviors and we need to maintain a very delicate balance between features and simplicity.

We already took note of this need. But we still need to design a solution that would solve this problem for some of you and at the same time be almost invisible for the rest. If that makes sense…


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I am also looking for the same feature. I am a hoarder and like to keep my comic collection complete. I’ve been using Ubooquity and Komga server to stream comic books to my tablet for reading. However since the collection is so large, it is often hard to remember where I’m at in all the different series. A read/unread marker would be really nice to help track that.
Thanks a lot and keep on doing the same good work :slight_smile:

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