[Feature Request] Hide finished comics from the Recent section

Howdy from the sunny Madrid,

Thanks a lot for your app, it’s the best comic reading app out there, and I’ve tested a lot of them.
I have a simple feature request for you guys to consider (maybe you already have).

As the “Recent” section shows six comics, it’s pretty easy to have it filled with currently read comics that you don’t want to see again (specially if you are reading a series in single issues) For example:

The numbers highlighted are single issues I’ve just read and adds no value for me to keep them there, the pain is that other comics from other series that I’m also reading are no longer in the list as it keeps track of the last six.

It would be great to add a “Hide completed issues from recent list” feature in the settings. Or maybe just a “Currently reading” section instead of “Recent”? That way you would see the comics that you are actually reading now (and not the ones you already finished)

Anyway, just thought it could be a nice feature. Thanks a lot, guys!

I’ve just seen the roadmap Roadmap: iOS13 and what’s coming next

Forget about my request XD


Hi I think this world be Cool for deleted ite sa se well…