(feature request) Full Page after panel view


Love the app! Panel view works great and is my preferred way to read on the phone.

I am also subscribe to Marvel Unlimited and my favorite feature is being able to toggle full page view before and after cycling through the panel.

I like to see the whole page before and sometimes after diving into the individual panels personally. And I can’t seem to find an intuitive way to go to full page view after the last panel on a page and it can be difficult to identify the last panel on a page too.

Any chance this feature is feasible/ simple enough that it can be implemented in the near future?

Hi @Henry

This is a long requested feature and we are planning to add it in the near feature. We are aiming to add it within the next few weeks/month.

Stay tuned :wink:


Sounds great. I’ll keep an eye out. Thanks

Also really looking forward to that! Using it on Izneo (a French comics library) and ComiXology, and love to see the full page before/after the panels view

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