[Feature Request] Extremely large Library Smoothness and Deduplication

May I request better handling for extremely large libraries and deduplication if the files are located within the Panels folder aka I imported it into a collection/library using the app and didn’t use the Panels 3 feature? You cannot scroll smoothly on this iPad even if I sorted out the collections properly.

How many comics and folders do you have in the folder/library root you’re scrolling?

No comics are on the root. But there are 29 folders with some nested folders. Could I just give you some access to my library data so you could study it? Also, reading progress is still broken on this iPad. Working on others.

That would be awesome, but considering its size, I can’t think of a way to do so.

I plan to add more granular indexing logging so users can send us metadata about their libraries remotely.
We have tested the libraries of several GB, but never over 1TB. In fact, we don’t have devices with such a large capacity to test it.

Once we have those new logs, I’ll let you know so we can get that information from you.

I’ll be more than willing to be your high storage library user test bed. As of now, that iPad is usable but nesting is a must! Also, read progress is all over the place. Some do not seem to register even if it was the same file. the library scrolling and side bar menu selecting seems to be my biggest problem. Because of how Komga seems to mallfunction in my TrueNAS I’ll be keeping local copies on certain iPads.