[Feature Request] Download whole collections

I would love the ability to download an entire collection at once.

I am using Komga and have been working on organizing my collections.

Ideally I would love to be able to download all the series for a single collection at once.

Right now, its Import Service-> Komga-> All Collections->Collection Name->First Folder → Individual Issue-> Import → (New Collection Button-first time only) → Add to Library

and then repeat that for every series within a single collection.

This is coming very soon :blush:

You will be able to import folders and all their content regardless of the number of nested sub-folders.


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Oh. Hell. Yes!

This is amazing. One quick additional thought, will you be able to organize based on SORT TITLE. I use that to make sure they display in the right order

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I’m not sure I’m following you :thinking:
By default, everything is listed alphabetically by title. But this is just the visual representation. The imported files don’t have any specific sorting applied unless you drag them around after being imported.

Let me know if that answers your question

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If I’m not mistaken, swguru2004 probably wants to use the “Sort Title” attribute from the Komga metadata (this is a different field from either the Title or the Filename). However, this attribute is not present in the OPDS datafeed, so I think it’s a no-go.

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Correct. Good to know it’s just not present in OPDS spec.

Do you have any suggestions to automate this @awh

Also, I texted this in TestFlight and it was AMAZING

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Oohhh I see. Thanks for clarifying!

Yeah, that makes total sense. Our current Komga implementation is just OPDS + some small tweaks that the app does to identify it’s talking to a Komga server to show the Komga icon and name. That’s all.

But we would like to implement a better integration with Komga, using their API, not the OPDS feed.

Probably, that will allow us to do things like that.

That sounds amazing, since I have a unique setup. I am using Mylar to download and organize my comics on my NAS. Then Komga uses those files/locations to build a library. I have been manually creating collections in Komga which is toilsome, but gets the job done

Komga’s got a well-documented API; if you’re manually creating collections based on some easily-identifiable data point (fields in the metadata or whatever) it’s relatively straightforward to automate that.

I got tired of waiting for the “smart collections” feature to be implemented in Komga so I developed my own by running search queries against Komga and adding the results to collections.