Feature Request: Custom OPDS-driven homescreen

I would love it if I could create my own homescreen by selecting OPDS folders. For instance, the most obvious ones would be “Keep Reading”, “On Deck”, and “Latest Books”. If I had the ability to create a custom homescreen by selecting those 3 folders (or any folders), then Panels could show a pretty unique homescreen that had everything I needed. It would look and feel pretty similar to the Komga homescreen.


I really like this idea!!

Give us some time to think about it and design how to implement it.
In my head, it would be something like our Favorites feature, but it would be something like “Add to Home”.
It would as a section in the Home, similar to “Next Up”, “Pick up where you left off” or “Finished”.

How does that sound?

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I am very interested in this too

Would it be a more visual option for favourites too?
So you could favorit series and it would show up with a thumbnail from the favourited series for instance ?

Exactly. The comics could all be in horizontal scroll views and you could visually pick which comic you want to read from there. Ideally, you could also mix sources too, so you could have a row of comics from Komga, downloaded comics that are on device, and new PDFs from Kavita all on one screen. A visual inspiration can also been taken from the Prologue audiobook app. You hook that app up to your Plex audiobook library, and then you can customize a homescreen.

PS, just finished listening to all the Thrawn books :slight_smile:

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