[Feature Request] Custom collection thumbnails in local library

Sorry if this has already been discussed / suggested elsewhere, I checked through the forum to see if it’s been discussed and couldn’t really find anything.

Basically just looking to request the ability to upload a custom collection thumbnail to the locally created collections in the “on my x” section. Currently when I create a collection on my iPad and then copy to my iPad files from a Komga server or import them from files locally, it usually just puts the cover of the first book / volume as the collection thumbnail - which 9/10 honestly is okay because it’ll just be like volume 1 cover which is good enough. When the collection has chapters of manga in addition to volumes though it’ll usually put the chapter image as the cover for the collection and the individual chapter thumbnails usually don’t look super impressive.

I know in the new TestFlight if you create a collection in Komga → set a thumbnail → import that collection from Komga it retains the custom thumbnail which is a good work around tbh, but I can’t seem to find any way to update this cover image once you’ve actually downloaded the collection to your device which having an option to upload a custom thumbnail to local collections would solve.

Again apologies if this is already in the kitchen cooking, or if the implementation isn’t as easy as it seems just thought I’d throw it out there and see.

Love the app, thanks for the work you team at panels is putting in.

We are working on collections customization, and it will bring much more than custom images.

It’s a large project; we’ve been working on it for a while. We plan to release it in the next couple of months. Stay tuned :wink:

PS. don’t apologize:pray: posts in the forum are free :joy: If there’s an existing thread o whatever, we will point you to it. But feel free to post without fear.

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Let’s goooooo - I eagerly await, thanks for the update :man_bowing: