[Feature Request] Collection Images from Komga

With Komga’s reading progress sync working so great now (seriously, thank you!) there’s still one thing that feels a bit clunky with the streaming experience:

When I browse my collections it all looks fairly bland. In Komga itself each of these collections have their own posters:

I was thinking, if you’re able to grab and send the sync progress, I imagine you’re already using the API. If so, would it be possible to also use the API to pull in the cover images for these collections? Reading orders at least show the issues since it’s a collection of… well, issues. Collections are a group of folders though, meaning they will always show up as blank folders.

If Panels could pull in the images for these collections it would make navigating them a lot easier due to the visual cues. This is definitely not a high priority or anything, just a quality of life feature that would make the streaming experience that much better :smile:

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I think this could be some excellent feedback for Komga.

We recently added support for their API to sync progress. But the library implementation is a pure OPDS feed frontend.
OPDS supports thumbnails; actually, Komga returns them for Series.
It would be nice if Komga would also return a thumbnail URL for the Collection items in their feed.

We plan to keep our OPDS frontend as compliant to specs as possible and not add server-specific workarounds primarily when the specs already support the feature.

I hope that makes sense :pray:

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Thanks for the info, makes perfect sense! I opened a feature request in Komga’s GH repo and linked back to this thread:

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Komga is claiming that images can only be sent for acquisition items, not for folders. They have the covers available via the API but regular OPDS can’t support it. Does that sound right to you?

OPDS doesn’t support thumbnails for folders, only for acquisition items (ie books).

Panels uses the Komga API to retrieve the Series thumbnails. They could do the same thing for collections/readlists.

Ouch!! My bad. I thought we were getting the thumbnails from the feed, but we are indeed inferring the thumbnail URL for the series.

Having that logic in place, extending it to collections / readlists will be very simple. The next testflight will have support for it :+1:

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So incredibly awesome. Thank you!

Oh, last question :smile: Is that the same TestFlight or is there a new one? (Panels is telling me the beta has ended)

It will be the same link/testers group, but a new version.

We are reviewing the changes internally. Hopefully, I can get them integrated in the main branch and create the new Testflight build in the next 24-72 h

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Any chance to add support to Kavita as well?

:+1: The next build will include this in Kavita.

I haven’t been able to publish the testflight yet, but I’ll try to do it today. :crossed_fingers:

I just have to say… I was a diehard Chunky user, even beta testing TNG until it finally died. I never thought I’d find an app that rivaled the functionality of that app, but Panels has blown me away. Not just the app itself, but your commitment to the community you’ve built is outstanding, and you’ve definitely earned a customer for life. Thank for for being so receptive to feedback and for making Panels be the app to goto for comics and manga.

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The new TestFlight works perfectly! :pinched_fingers:

Based on your description I thought it would just pull in the cover of the first series or something, but it’s pulling in the exact custom covers I set in Komga. Thank you!

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