[FEATURE REQUEST] Calibre/Calibre-web OPDS support

Hi there,

Loving the APP so far. I was hoping that with OPDS support for Ubooquity already built in, support for OPDS feeds from Calibre / Calibre-web are possible…


@dani: I don’t see a response for this, but I also would like to see some more generic OPDS support. Calibre/Calibre-web offer more flexible display options that Ubooquity, which makes it much easier to browse the library.

A more generic implementation would also enable support for other Ubooquity features, like the “latest comics” feature.

Sorry for the late response.

We are currently working on a redesign that will allow us to keep adding more features to Panels. One of those features will be the ability to add multiple instances of the same import service.
Once we have that, we’ll make the Ubooquity implementation abstract enough to be compatible with Calibre or other OPDS feeds.

I can’t give you a time frame, but it’s something that we’ll definitely add.